Pricing and Options

For Individuals

  • Whether it be developing a plan to get a better handle on your debt, figuring out how to invest your money, or answering any questions you may have about any aspect of your financial life, we'll help you figure out what you should do for everything and make it easy. This is the first step to accomplishing true progress.
  • You'll receive a targeted, step-by-step plan to hit your personal goals on your timeline.
  • As a result of signing up, you'll get as many calls with your dedicated CFP as you like for 12 months.

For Couples

  • Our goal will be to help you and your spouse make strides together to bring peace to your finances in a simple, easily digestible way. How we'll do this is, we'll analyze every aspect of your financial life and in doing so, figure out a step by step plan and hold your hand to make it easy along the way.
  • Throughout the year, you'll get as many calls with your dedicated CFP as you'd like.

Financial Wellness for Small Businesses

  • It's well known that financial stress is the number one reason people look for a new job.
  • Hire Progress Wealth Management on as your financial wellness provider and in doing so, provide every employee with a financial plan to help bring organization and peace to their financial lives.
  • Every employee gets unlimited calls with their planner where they'll receive a financial plan, budgeting, and low cost investment management so they know they're on track.
$5-10 a month, per employee

Wealth Management

  • Starts at 1% for assets under management.
  • Fee gets lower as your money grows.
  • No minimums.
  • All the time you need with your dedicated financial expert.